Workplace Hygiene Tools & Solutions

Enacting new hygiene measures to help prevent the spread of germs is more critical than ever. We can help. As an industry innovator and leader in hygiene products for almost 150 years, Kimberly-Clark Professional takes pride in providing the tools, solutions, and guidance designed to address the unique needs of each industry we serve.

Rows of reading tables in library setting


As you enact new safety policies and procedures, use this guide to implement hygiene solutions to help protect educators, students, staff and visitors.

Storefront view of restaurant


These unprecedented times have sparked heightened concern for food safety. This guide provides insights and solutions to help prepare your foodservice operation for new hygiene standards.

Check in and waiting area of healthcare facility


Safeguarding personnel, patients, and visitors is a priority. This guide provides tools and solutions to support hand-washing and proper surface cleaning throughout your healthcare facility.

Hotel lobby and front desk


In the new hospitality landscape, making hygiene a priority is more important than ever. This guide will help you implement the right hygienic solutions for your staff and guests.

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As you continue to create a more hygienic environment for your employees, use this guide to equip your production floor and office areas with new and enhanced hygiene standards.


Office conference room

Office Buildings

As office environments adjust to the changing times, top of mind is what to do to help safeguard building personnel, tenants, and visitors. This guide will help you implement new hygiene standards for your facility.


Germs: The More You Know

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Face the Facts

In the span of 24 hours, the avg. adult touches 7,200 surfaces¹ and touches their face 552 times.²

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Help Your Hands

Nearly 95%³ of adults don’t wash their hands long enough to thoroughly remove germs.

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The Dirt on Surfaces

The avg. desk has 400x more bacteria than a toilet seat.4

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Water Works

Water fountains have 19x as much bacteria as a toilet seat.5

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