Frequently Asked Questions

All certifications will be clearly displayed on the Product Detail Page, which can be found under Products.

Kimberly-Clark Professional has an online certificate retrieval tool that allows you to quickly and easily access certificates for our Kimtech® Aviation/Aerospace products.

Our product certificate tool offers easy access to certificates for our Kimtech® gloves, apparel and wipes.

We know that a lost dispenser key disrupts efficiency and guest satisfaction.  

For your convenience, we offer a couple of options to help get your dispensers back on track. You can Contact Us by selecting “Product Info” on the short form. You can also view and select available spare parts on the Product Detail Page for each dispenser.

Thank you for helping customers get our trusted brands. To become a vendor, contact one of the following wholesalers to set up an account. Be sure to get the name of your representative and keep it handy for future reference.

AgoNow (844-462-4666)
Bunzl / R3 (866-987-7373)
Essendant (800-733-4000)
ORS Nasco (800-678-6577)
RJ Schinner (800-234-1460)
SP Richard (888-436-6881)

Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent) and water to remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs but lowers the risk of spreading infection.

Sanitizing lowers the spread of germs on surfaces or objects by using a sanitizing and disinfecting solution compatible with your disposable wipes.

Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects, which further lowers the risk of spreading bacteria.

The CDC recommends the following two-step process for routinely cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched workplace surfaces, such as workstations, keyboards, telephones, handrails, and doorknobs.

  • Step 1: Clean the surface with a detergent or soap and water.

  • Step 2: Disinfect the surface using EPA-registered disinfectants.
The CDC also recommends giving employees access to disposable wipes so that common touchpoints can be wiped down before each use.


Please view the CDC guidelines on how to wash your hands to prevent the spread of germs.

Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to get rid of germs in most situations. If soap and water aren’t available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. View key times the CDC recommends washing your hands.

We are aware of potentially unauthorized communications and documentation appearing to have originated from Kimberly-Clark Professional (KCP) being circulated in the marketplace. We are taking this matter seriously and conducting a thorough investigation. KCP sells its products to end-user customers through our distributor partners. You can view a list of our distributor partners on the Find a Distributor page

Unfortunately, because the challenges presented by COVID-19 are so unprecedented, we have not tested our PPE for efficacy against the coronavirus causing COVID-19, or when re-used or used for longer than the standard recommended time.

Per the FDA, “it is reasonable to believe that the authorized respirators may be effective in preventing HCP exposure to pathogenic biological airborne particulates” during shortages of existing, FDA-cleared PPE.

Per the CDC, “the decision to implement policies that permit extended use or limited reuse of N95 respirators should be made by the professionals who manage the institution’s respiratory protection program. And, in consultation with their occupational health and infection control departments with input from the state/local public health departments.”

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need on Kimberly-Clark Professional™ products and brands. You can search our website by Brand, Product Category or SKU number. And, if you need additional help solving a problem, you can Request a Product Consultation for a customized solution.

Providing they are stored in a clean, dry area Kimberly-Clark Professional™ hand towels and toilet paper have an unlimited shelf life.

Our toilet paper and facial tissue is very similar to the products we offer to the consumer market. The packaging and variations are different to better suit commercial requirements.

If unopened, the recommended shelf life for our various hand soaps is three years.  Once opened the recommended shelf life is 12 months from the date opened.

Our air fresheners should be used within two years from the manufacturing date, which is printed on the top right of the product bag.

To ensure the product is effective, we recommend Kleenex® hand sanitizers be used within two years from the manufacturing date which can be found as follows:

  • For codes 6380 & 6381: Printed on the label at the top left of the product packaging
  • For codes 6382 & 6383: Printed at the bottom of the back of the plastic cassette

If stored in a clean and dry environment, our wide selection of wiping and cleaning products have an unlimited shelf life.

Our WypAll® cloths are designed to be used in a variety of environments. Many of our products have been certified safe for food contact surfaces and are color-coded, which helps prevent cross-contamination in foodservice and other bacteria sensitive environments such as healthcare.

Our trusted brands can be purchased through Kimberly-Clark Professional authorized distributors and various online partners. Visit Find a Distributor to get started.

Complete our very brief Contact Us form, and one of our sales reps will get in touch with you. If you need assistance deciding which of our trusted brands can help you solve a problem, Request a Product Consultation for a customized solution.

Of course, you can. We believe once you see our products in action, you’ll want to add them to your workplace. To request a product sample, please Contact Us.

Yes, thanks to The RightCycle Program, you can now recycle previously hard to recycle products like protective clothing, safety glasses, gloves, boot covers, and more. 

All Kimberly-Clark Professional hand towels and toilet paper are recyclable if you have access to a recycler that accepts paper products. Please note that this only applies to unsoiled product. Contaminated products must be disposed of per local regulations. 

As part of our commitment to support environmental issues, Kimberly-Clark Professional ensures all paper products (paper and hand towels, facial tissue and toilet paper) are biodegradable. 

Yes. All our toilet paper brands are designed to break down quickly in water. 

Products made from 100% recycled fiber will break down (dissolve) in water within seconds. They don’t contain any additives to give them strength. 

WypAll® L10, L20, L30 and L40 wipes are all biodegradable. Please note that the amount of time it takes for a product to break down is highly dependent on the conditions. Typical timeframe in wet, exposed conditions is one to two months. It will take quite a bit longer in dry or airless environments. 

The Lifetime Warranty program includes proprietary Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Mod® towel, tissue and skin care dispensers, and our Scott® Essential towel dispenser and retrofit kit.

No. Your existing eligible dispensers qualify.  

†Lifetime Warranty applies to proprietary dispensers while they are installed, and the end user account is exclusively using Kimberly-Clark Professional™ products for those dispensers.

To make the program as convenient as possible, no sign up is required. Eligible dispensers are automatically registered. Just exclusively use our top-rated Kleenex®, Scott® and Cottonelle® brand towel, toilet paper and hand hygiene products in the dispensers.

The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials under normal use if you’re exclusively using Kimberly-Clark Professional™ products for the dispensers.  

The warranty does not cover batteries or misuse, vandalism and other user-caused damage.

Simply contact your Kimberly-Clark Professional representative or Customer Service at 1-800-241-3146.

We will need your contact information, the Kimberly-Clark Professional product number(s), the dispenser’s model number, lot code number and date code—all can be found on a sticker inside the dispenser. Upon receipt of all required information, we will determine the best way to resolve your claim, either through replacement parts or a full unit replacement.

To get started, visit Contact Us and select “Product Quality Complaint” on the short form.

No. You only need to Contact Us online or call Customer Service at 1-800-241-3146.

Once your issue is resolved, we may ask you to send us the old dispenser, in which case we’ll provide a prepaid label for your convenience. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have a working dispenser before asking you to remove the old one.