Last Updated SEPTEMBER 2023

Onvation® Customer Success Story

JLL® saved over $35,000 on labor using real-time alerts

The challenge

Following the pandemic, the workload of cleaning teams has permanently increased. At the same time, staff numbers have gone down1 and the cost of hourly labor in the US has increased 6.4% in the last year2.

This reality is impacting Facility Manager budgets across North America as they struggle to take on rising labor costs. Crystal DeLosSantos, a Facility Manager at a JLL®-managed office building in Houston, needed help staying on budget and keeping her dedicated team of cleaners focused and productive.

The solution

DeLosSantos manages a 500,000+ sq. ft., Class A building in Houston. She first deployed Onvation®, a connected software solution for smart restroom servicing from Kimberly-Clark Professional, in 2020.

Onvation can reduce time spent checking dispensers by over 90% per year3. With conventional cleaning schedules, janitors spend up to 25% of their shift unnecessarily checking if restroom hygiene dispensers need refilling. Onvation transforms cleaning staff productivity by proactively alerting staff when dispensers need refilling and restroom cleaning is recommended

Intelligence — Connected dispensers for soap, hand towels and toilet paper keep a running tally of contents so that Onvation will alert staff when it’s time for a refill or a fresh battery.

Cloud-based Onvation platform receives device data, analyzes it and turns it into actionable insights.

Easy to Use — The intuitive multi-lingual mobile app empowers cleaners to work smarter.

Onvation changed the way my cleaners focused. They are now not pre-occupied with checking product levels in restroom dispensers, but have time for deep cleaning and disinfecting across the whole building.”

Facility Manager, JLL Houston

The results

DeLosSantos happily reports that her cleaning team caught on quickly to the alert system and rely on those notifications for prioritization around the building. To sum up:

  • Staff members now service restrooms when they are needed, and not before.
  • Work orders have decreased from 15 per month to zero.
  • Data from Crystal's facility shows approximately 3,000 hours4 in cleaner time savings which equates to $35,000+ in labor savings5 for 2022.

The Onvation team is proud to serve Crystal and her team in Houston and pleased to report that JLL® have renewed their Onvation contract for another three years of smart restroom servicing.

“The Onvation Customer Success Manager provides great support online and in person when we need it.”


Everyday labor productivity is just one of the problems that Onvation can solve using smart restroom technology and predictive analytics. Here are a few other business challenges Onvation can address:

  • Progressing Sustainability
  • Transforming Operational Efficiency
  • Elevating User Experience

Visit the Onvation homepage to learn more about what this innovation can do

1 Facility Cleaning Decisions survey August 2022,
2 Federal Reserve of Atlanta – Jan 2023
3 Based on analysis of current Onvation customers
4 Assuming 1 min per dispenser check, twice a day
5 US Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2021 for Janitors and Cleaners, Except Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners. Based on 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year