BLOCK-IT* House Wrap vs. ZIP System® Cost Calculator

Are you currently using ZIP System® for weatherization of your single or multi-family residential building projects? You may be surprised at the cost savings and added benefits BLOCK-IT* House Wrap provides. Use the calculator below to compare estimated costs based on the structure's square footage and know that with BLOCK-IT* House Wrap, you are getting over 98% water drainage efficiency, which is superior over any other competitive drain wrap in the U.S. market. BLOCK-IT* House Wrap also has patented breathable barrier technology allowing water vapor to escape from the structure. Get BLOCK-IT* House Wrap with drainage at mainline pricing and click here to see a full product comparison of BLOCK-IT* House Wrap vs. ZIP System® .

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Wall Detail

Number of Walls:

ZIP System®

What is price of the ZIP System® 4 x 8 foot panel? ($)
You will need this many panels of ZIP System®
Cost of ZIP System® Panels ($)
What is price of one roll of ZIP System® 3.75 inch straight tape? ($)
You will need this many rolls of ZIP System® Tape
Cost of ZIP System® Tape ($)
Total Cost Using ZIP System® ($)

BLOCK-IT* House Wrap

What size BLOCK-IT* House Wrap Rolls are you using?
You will need this many rolls of BLOCK-IT* House Wrap
Cost of BLOCK-IT* House Wrap ($)
You will need this many rolls of BLOCK-IT* Seam Tape
Cost of BLOCK-IT* Seam Tape ($)
What is the price of the OSB 4'x8' panel you are using? ($)
Number of panels of OSB you will need (assume 10 % waste)
Cost of OSB ($)
Total Cost Using BLOCK-IT* House Wrap & Tape & OSB ($)
Savings with BLOCK-IT* System ($)

Calculator Assumptions:
Labor for installation is not included. Wall openings are not taken into account and standard wall panels of 4’x 8’ are assumed for both ZIP® System panels and OSB. The calculator rounds up the number of panels and tape needed to whole numbers for purchase. The calculator assumes 10% waste on all materials including house wrap, tapes and panels. Minimum total wall square footage of 400 sq. ft. required for savings to apply. Average market pricing used on all products.

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