Last Updated JULY 2024

Sustainable Supplier Checklist: A Strategic Tool for Responsible Procurement

Use this checklist to evaluate your supplier's sustainability practices. By focusing on key sustainability criteria such as material sourcing transparency and product life cycle management, uncover the strategies for identifying suppliers that will support you in achieving your sustainability objectives.

Sourcing sustainable suppliers isn't just a noble aspiration; it's a strategic imperative. With 80% of greenhouse gas emissions originating from the supply chain, the importance of supplier selection can’t be overstated.1 Every procurement decision holds the potential to either advance or hinder progress toward achieving your corporate sustainability goals.

Enter the sustainability supplier evaluation checklist — a tool designed to streamline the process of assessing a supplier's sustainability practices. 

From material sourcing transparency to recycling processes and energy efficiency measures to product life cycle management, each criterion serves as a litmus test, probing the depth of a supplier's dedication to sustainability.

By rigorously assessing suppliers against these key sustainability criteria, organizations can pinpoint partners who not only fulfill their operational needs, but also align with their broader sustainability goals.

Utilize the checklist to make well-informed decisions, foster strategic partnerships, and navigate toward a greener, more sustainable future with clarity and purpose.

Material Sourcing Transparency

Recycling Process Transparency

Take Back Recycling Program

Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint

Product Lifecycle Management

Sustainability Goals and Achievements

Partnerships and Collaboration

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Regulatory Compliance

Client Testimonials and References

Use this checklist as a practical roadmap to integrate environmental responsibility into your procurement processes. Keep it saved or download it to help you navigate supplier selection with confidence, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Supplier Evaluation Checklist

Sustainable Supplier Evaluation Checklist

Streamline your procurement process with this sustainable supplier checklist – download it or save it as your go-to resource.


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