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Want to provide a superior experience to guests, increase productivity for your cleaning staff and manage your bottom line? Scott® Pro Solutions offer innovative systems and products designed to improve your restroom for exceptional results.

Scott® Pro Hard Roll Towels & Dispensers

Advanced Design from the Most Preferred Brand

Get the most efficient Hard Roll Towel system on the market with the customizable Scott® Pro Manual Mod® Hard Roll Towel System. The dispenser offers three towel options, including a 1,150’ towel, and a stub-roll feature that delivers up to 10% annual savings. Plus, Absorbency Pockets towel technology helps reduce usage and costs.


Scott® Pro Scottfold Towels & Dispensers

Increase User Satisfaction, Decrease Costs

This system delivers a plush one-ply towel with 175 sheets per pack. Its patented fold and innovative overstuff feature eliminates tearing, tabbing and waste, making it the most efficient folded towel system on the market.


Scott® Pro Toilet Paper & Dispensers

More Sheets, Fewer Changes, No Waste

Our longest single-roll bathroom tissue system delivers 1,100 sheets of two-ply bathroom tissue per roll. It offers 100% roll utilization with 10% more sheets per case than the industry standard and over two times more sheets per roll compared to a standard bathroom tissue roll.


Scott® Pro Skin Care & Dispensers

Healthy Hands, Healthy Workers.

This easy-to-load, hygienic enclosed system offers a high capacity, 1.2L cassette. The Foam Skin Cleanser with Moisturizers delivers a superior hand hygiene experience and provides a rich, creamy lather. The Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs on hands in less than 15 seconds.

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