Last Updated MAY 2022

6 Tips to Stay Hygiene Focused

Keeping hygiene front and center is important. These six tips will keep your staff hygiene focused every day as you make plans to implement new cleaning and disinfecting protocols and health screening procedures, you also need to think about what comes next.

Here are six tips to help you focus on hygiene every day

  1. Designate a hygiene captain on every cleaning shift to ensure that protocols are being implemented correctly.
  2. Establish a cross-functional Hygiene Steering Committee. Hold meetings on a regular basis and consider asking tenants, employees and other key stakeholders to join.
  3. Promote good hygiene habits by providing instructions on proper hand hygiene techniques and respiratory etiquette for coughs and sneezes. Hygiene tools available in various sizes, and also customizable.
  4. Set calendar reminders for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting activities.
  5. Evaluate the frequency and effectiveness of your cleaning protocols post reopening, including whether you have the right tools and sufficient inventory.
  6. Consider ongoing tenant or occupant outreach activities. Communication is key (consider the template on the next page to help with planning).
Be sure to:
  • Provide frequent updates on building hygiene initiatives.
  • Remind occupants about the investments you’re making in their well-being and ask for suggestions on ways to improve.
  • Reinforce employee and visitor wellness and hygiene protocols.
  • Host events to remind tenants and building occupants about proper hygiene habits.
  • Stay in touch with peers, industry associations and organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & World Health Organization to stay informed about health recommendations and information
Once these procedures are in place, how can you make sure that everyone remains vigilant – to protect tenants and building occupants?

Keeping Hygiene Front and Center

We’ve developed this template to help you communicate with tenants and other key stakeholders. Add or delete information in each category below to plan your next tenant communication.

Hygiene Initiatives

  • New cleaning protocols
  • Health screening procedures for employees and guests
  • Illness response plans
  • Social distancing

Noteworthy Achievements

  • Investments in hygiene solutions
  • Sick day reduction statistics
  • New protocols, etc.

Hygiene Resources

  • Hand washing guides
  • Surface disinfecting recommendations
  • Hand sanitizing tips

Suggestion Box

  • Seek input from:
    • -Tenants
    • -Employees
    • -Key stakeholders
    • -Cleaning staff

Promoting Hygiene and Wellness Protocols

  • Post hygiene information via monitors and signage
  • Share what you’re doing differently in emails and newsletters
  • Explain the benefits of new procedures

Building Spotlight

  • Hygiene “heroes”
  • Cleaning staff profiles
  • Special events
  • Other forms of recognition

View hand hygiene and surface disinfecting for more details on how Kimberly-Clark Professional is working to help you improve Hygiene throughout your facility.


Download Tips to Stay Hygiene Focused (PDF)