Last Updated APRIL 2024

Onvation Customer Success Story

Restroom satisfaction more than doubled at Alabama manufacturing facility*

The challenge

In manufacturing facilities, workers carry out their shift on site, operating machinery, using specialist equipment and performing quality control activities. Creating safe and positive environmental conditions within the facility is critical for continuous workforce productivity. The Kimberly-Clark Mobile Mill has a great safety record and employee engagement scores. As a manufacturer of hygiene products, Kimberly-Clark aims to provide workers and site visitors with an exceptional experience in all parts of the facility – including the restrooms. Even so, before the addition of smart technology, the restrooms received many complaints per year. The sheer size of the 760-acre, 52-restroom site made it difficult to maintain each restroom consistently, especially with janitorial labor in short supply. Complaints mainly consisted of empty dispensers and restroom cleanliness levels – issues that Onvation, a connected software solution for restroom servicing, was built to solve.

The solution

The Onvation smart restroom servicing solution was installed at Mobile Mill in January 2023 to enhance the restroom experience and optimize productivity for the janitorial team. In a relatively short period of time, the cleaners were able to transform restroom servicing with the following features:

Intelligence — Connected dispensers enable the Onvation software to alert staff when it’s time for a refill or a fresh battery. The cloud-based platform turns dispenser data into actionable insights.

Flexibility — The unique Estimated Time to Empty feature shows cleaners how much time they have to replace a roll before a dispenser runs empty, so they can adapt their servicing visits to maximize productivity.

Easy to Use — Intuitive multi-lingual app empowers cleaners to work smarter.

“The Onvation system is providing measurable positive impact on the mill restroom experience. Hygiene product availability has increased by 46% and the time dispensers stand empty has reduced by 57%.”

Engineering Manager at Mobile Mill


Pre-install, the Onvation team implemented a restroom survey capturing feedback and complaints in real time in all facility restrooms from November 2022 to April 2023. These surveys showed restroom satisfaction grew 105% after Onvation was installed* and cleaners were trained to service the restrooms based on real-time alerts instead of a set schedule.

With smart restroom servicing practices in place, the janitorial team can better support on-site employees as they deliver Better Care for a Better World at Mobile Mill.

“Work orders reduced 50% after Onvation was installed”**


Enhancing restroom visitor satisfaction is just one way that Onvation uses smart technology and predictive analytics to transform facility operations. Onvation technology can also help in the following areas:

  • Progressing sustainability goals
  • Transforming operational efficiency
  • Improving labor productivity

Visit the Onvation homepage to learn more.

* N=36
** Comparing product complaints in the same 3 month period 2023 vs 2022