Last Updated MAY 2022

The Onvation Smart Restroom Management System

Restrooms are one of the top three areas of tenant complaints. With the Onvation Smart Restroom Management System you can reduce waste, cut expenses, boost sustainability and increase customer satisfaction. It’s like having your own personal restroom assistant.


Today's Class A buildings are smarter than ever. Through sensors, software and network connectivity you can manage your lighting, security, HVAC systems and more. But what about the restroom? One of the top three areas of tenant complaints. Why isn't your restroom as smart as the rest of your building? Because it's been left out of the network of connected physical objects, known as the internet of things. Until now.

Introducing Onvation Technology from Kimberly-Clark Professional. A patent-protected system, that provides you with up to the minute monitoring of restroom conditions, from any device or location. This smart restroom management system brings you realtime data and alerts, so you can address and eliminate problems before they become complaints. It will help you cut costs, and expenses, reduce waste and boost sustainability, optimize labor and enhance tenant satisfaction, giving you peace of mind.

Think of it as your own personal, virtual restroom assistant. How does it work? Connected sensors are embedded into new, proprietary towel, tissue, soap dispensers and door counters. From there real-time data is sent to the cloud over a secure network resulting in automatic text messages alerting you to product and battery levels, usage, jams, and overall traffic. You even get remote confirmation when an issue has been resolved. And it's all delivered through a web-based dashboard that's accessible 24/7.

Unlike other systems, which only tell you if dispensers are empty or full, ours gives you valuable data that can help you better manage your business. How important is that? Just ask the 75% of consumers who say a bad restroom signals poor management. Shouldn't your restrooms measure up to the rest of your property? To learn more about Onvation Technology, contact us at Kimberly-Clark Professional.