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    When you need a high-value combination of quality and comfort – as well as reliable cleanroom protection – you can trust Kimtech™ A4 Cleanroom Sleeve Protectors. They are made with advanced barrier fabric, to provide enhanced protection against liquid exposure and they feature reinforced seams and thumb loops for full wrist coverage. The sleeve protectors are folded inside out for aseptic donning, including a blue indicator line on the interior. The cleanroom personal protective apparel is double bagged in bulk packaging for convenience and waste reduction. When you’re finished with the disposable arm covers, they are recyclable through the RightCycle Program by Kimberly-Clark™ Professional, which turns them into the raw materials to create eco-friendly consumer goods. It all adds up to a great laboratory environment! Kimberly-Clark Professional is a respected name in protective apparel, enabling you to deliver the reliable protection you’re required to provide and the peace of mind your team deserves.

    • 200 Kimtech™ A4 Cleanroom Sleeve Protectors with Thumb Loops / Case, 4 Bags of 50 Sleeves; White; Universal Size (18")
    • Made of advanced barrier fabric to provide protection against liquid exposure
    • Thumb loops offer full wrist coverage and reinforced seams for durability
    • Double bagged in bulk cleanroom packaging; Each sleeve protector has blue line to indicate sterility and is folded inside out for aseptic donning
    • Recyclable through Kimberly-Clark's RightCycle Program
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    Brand Kimtech™
    Sub Brand A4
    GTIN 10036000498155
    Material Number 104981501
    Quantity Per Case 200
    Quantity Per Case UOM Unit(s) / Case
    Quantity Per Unit 1
    Quantity Per Unit UOM Unit(s) / Pack

    Shipping Data

    Quantity Per Case 200
    Quantity Per Case UOM Unit(s) / Case
    Quantity Per Unit 1
    Quantity Per Unit UOM Unit(s) / Pack
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    Protect your processes and your people with head-to-toe solutions from the Kimtech® brand—a global leader in lab and cleanroom personal protection and wiping solutions.

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