KleenGuard™ A71 Coveralls

  • a71 Product Code#46774
Color Yellow
Unit Size 3XL
Units Per Case 10

KleenGuard™ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) enables rather than inhibits – allowing for maximum productivity and safety for you and your employees. You can trust KleenGuard™ A71 Coveralls to provide protection against chemical permeation and liquid jet spray. These single-use PPE coveralls are composed of tear-resistant film laminate, with sewn and taped seams to offer a strong, liquid-tight barrier. They come in high-visibility yellow and are designed with an elasticized hood, cuffs and waist for improved comfort and safety. The Velcro storm flap offers improved protection around the zipper and the height of the storm flap and hood is designed for easier taping to a respirator for all-around improved protection. These disposable coveralls protect against liquid, aerosol and dry chemical splashes, sprays and dusts; inorganic acids / bases and a range of organic chemicals; and aqueous or hazardous chemicals. They are a good choice for protection in low pressure industrial cleaning and maintenance, hazardous waste remediation, environmental or biohazard cleanup and tank cleaning. Making the right Personal Protection choice is difficult. Perform with distinction with KleenGuard™ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • 10 KleenGuard™ A71 Coveralls/Case; Yellow; 3XL; Zipper Front, Elastic Wrists, Waist, Ankles & Hood
  • A71 fabric is not made with silicone or with the BHT preservative
  • Elastic are made with non-latex polyisporene
  • CE Certifications for CE120 Type 3 (limited use clothing, liquid tight connections) and Type 5 (limited use clothing offering particle protection)
  • Shown to pass chemical permeation with chemicals including Sodium hydroxide (10% concentration) and sulfuric acid (30% concentration)

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Brand KleenGuard™
Sub Brand A71
Unit Size 3XL
Color Yellow
UPC 5033848012916
GTIN 05027375026997
Material Number 104677402


Units Per Case 10
Each Weight 0.120
Each Dimensions 0.984 x 15.750 x 23.500
Unit Size 3XL

Shipping Data

Units Per Case 10


We understand how workers move, work, stretch and sweat. We call it human-centric engineering. And it’s this industry-changing technology that separates KleenGuard® brand protective clothing, eye protection and hand protection from other PPE.

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