Scott® Essential Personal Seat Covers

  • essential Product Code#39000
Color White
Unit Size 14.5" x 17.0"
Units Per Case 20
  • EPA

Scott® Essential provides reliable balance of efficiency, performance and value. Washroom guests want to know that they have the tools to stay clean and comfortable. Offering sanitary Scott® Essential Toilet Seat Covers is a smart way to show you care. Each white toilet seat cover is disposable (flushable), dispenses one at a time from the box and gives guests protection they can trust. Your guests can simply pull down to access the seat cover they need. They’re compatible with many universal wall-mounted dispensers designed for toilet seat covers, so you can choose the one that works best for your business.

  • Each case of Scott Essential disposable toilet seat covers comes with 20 big packages of 250 covers (a total of 5,000 units)
  • The large toilet seat cover box size makes these ideal for high-capacity restrooms; each cover measures 14.5" x 17"
  • These covers are disposable and flushable and designed to give your guests confidence in the hygiene of your washroom
  • Scott Essential sanitary toilet seat covers are compatible with most universal dispensers, for one-at-a-time dispensing
  • These toilet seat covers meet EPA minimum guidelines for post-consumer waste

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Brand Scott®
Sub Brand Essential
Unit Size 14.5" x 17.0"
Color White
Certifications EPA
GTIN 10036000390008
Material Number 103900020


Units Per Case 20
Unit Size 14.5" x 17.0"

Shipping Data

Units Per Case 20


Very few locations within a facility impact satisfaction as much as the restroom. A negative experience can have a truly damaging effect on your reputation. Scott®, one of the world’s most recognized restroom brands, offers solutions designed to help you increase productivity, enhance your image, and improve employee, patient and guest satisfaction.

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