Kleenex® Professional Facial Tissue (03076), 2-Ply, White, Flat Facial Tissue Boxes for Business, Convenience Case (125 Tissues/Box, 12 Boxes/Case, 1,500 Tissues/Case)

  • professional Product Code#03076
Brand Kleenex®
Color White
Product available in United States

More people choose Kleenex® Facial Tissue than any other brand, proving that all facial tissues are not created equal. Kleenex® tissue offers superior performance, a premium feel and essential softness. When your employees, patients and guests see the respected Kleenex® brand in your business and restrooms, they'll know that you select quality products, putting forth the best image for your business. It's a popular choice in healthcare and medical offices, hotels and lodging and businesses in general. For more than 90 years, Kleenex® has delivered the highest quality among facial tissues, providing consumers with smart innovations like an ultra-soft feel and Signal Sheets (the last 10 tissues are cream colored instead of white, so you know it's almost time for a new box). You'll want to buy them in bulk. Choosing Kleenex® lets everyone know that you care enough to provide the very best.

  • 125 Tissues/Box, 12 Kleenex® Professional Facial Tissue Boxes/Case; 1,500 Tissues/Case; 2-Ply; White; Flat Facial Tissue Boxes for Business; Convenience Case
  • Kleenex® is the world's number one facial tissue brand, trusted by more consumers than any other.
  • Each Kleenex® tissue is 2-ply, absorbent, soft and strong
  • The Signal Sheet keeps you ahead of run-outs (final 10 tissues are cream instead of white, so you'll know it's time to replace the box)
  • These bulk tissues are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

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Brand Kleenex®
Sub Brand Professional
Unit Size 8.3" x 7.8"
Color White
UPC 00036000216066
GTIN 00036000030761
Material Number 100307601


Each Weight 0.393
Each Dimensions 8.875 x 2.000 x 4.750
Unit Size 8.3" x 7.8"


You count on your team to keep your business moving forward. Show your support with positive touches throughout your office and restroom from Kleenex®—a brand people have counted on for over 90 years for the soft, soothing touch of home.

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