How to See Dispenser in Your Space

1. Position Dispenser
Aim and slowly move smartphone camera along the wall where you want to attach dispenser. (TIP: Avoid mirrors, windows and totally blank walls.)
2. Adjust Placement
Tap then hold as you move the camera.
3. Explore Product (Limited to iPhone)

Select arrow icon to see inside the dispenser.

Select a color button under  color icon to customize dispenser finish.

Select measure icon to view dispenser size.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Coreless Standard Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser 4 Roll (58713), with White Mosaic Design Faceplate, 16.63" x 15.88" x 10.19" (Qty 1)

  • Product Code#58713
Color White
Brand Kimberly-Clark Professional™

The Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON™ dispensing system is our newest industry-leading innovation, changing the face of the restroom forever. Featuring first-of-a-kind versatility, the ICON dispenser effortlessly enhances the look of the restroom with an exclusive line of designer faceplates to help reimagine the restroom. The ICON 4 Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser provides state of the art solutions to maximize productivity. The ICON dispenser is made of durable plastic and holds four tissue rolls in a side-by-side configuration. Designed with the contemporary, stylish profile, it delivers an exceptional experience and provides consumption control and waste reduction. The dispenser is manually operated and opens using either the keyless push button option or the included key. The rolls are placed on two tissue roll holders (known as H mandrels), designed for coreless or small core toilet paper. The rolls are placed on each end of the H mandrel and with the door closed, the four rolls are visible in the dispenser. They are easily accessible through the front with no need to open the dispenser to access another roll. When properly installed and when using recommended product, the dispenser meets the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. These gorgeous dispensers feature our interchangeable faceplate technology and complement the other ICON paper towel and skin care dispensers in the collection. The toilet paper rolls that fit this ICON dispenser are Scott® and Cottonelle® Toilet Paper SKUS: 04007; 07001; 47305; 53862.

  • 1 Dispenser with Faceplate/Case; Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Coreless Standard Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser 4 Roll; with White Mosaic Design Faceplate; 16.63" x 15.88" x 10.19"
  • KCP ICON dispenser system offers six designer finishes that elevate your restroom aesthetics to the same high standard as the rest of your facility.
  • Easy servicing with a choice of keyed or push button lock that can be positioned on either side of the dispenser.
  • Custom mounting bracket with built-in level for easy installation.
  • Quickly and easily swap faceplates with minimum effort

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Brand Kimberly-Clark Professional™
Color White
UPC 036000587135
GTIN 10036000587132
Material Number 105871300


Each Weight 7.400
Each Dimensions 10.187 x 15.875 x 16.625

Kimberly-Clark Professional™

Backed by over 100 years of workplace innovation, Kimberly-Clark Professional™ brand products are synonymous with maximizing hygiene, improving efficiency, and meeting customer’s needs across various industries.

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