Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Small Core Rigid Spindles

  • Product Code#53283
Color Grey
Brand Kimberly-Clark Professional™

Compatible Dispenser Type

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Small Core Spindle for 2-roll dispensers allows you to retrofit a vertical stack bath tissue dispenser to dispense Cottonelle® and Scott® small core bath tissue. Designed for high traffic environments, the high capacity, small core SRB is the longest Single Roll Bath Tissue offered by Kimberly-Clark Professional and comes with the efficiency and reliability of America's most well-known washroom brands, Cottonelle® and Scott® Bath Tissue.

  • 10 Kimberly-Clark Professional™ High-Capacity Bath Tissue Spindles for 2-Roll Dispensers/Case, Gray
  • Small core toilet paper roll adaptor for use in Bobrick stainless-steel bath tissue dispensers
  • Increase bath tissue capacity in existing stainless-steel dispensers without costly removal and installation of new dispensers.
  • Designed for high traffic environments
  • Provides simple cost-effective solution converting existing stainless-steel bath tissue dispensers to KCP’s high-capacity SRB tissue.

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Brand Kimberly-Clark Professional™
Color Grey
GTIN 10036000532835
Material Number 105328300


Units Per Case 5

Shipping Data

Units Per Case 5

Kimberly-Clark Professional™

Backed by over 100 years of workplace innovation, Kimberly-Clark Professional™ brand products are synonymous with maximizing hygiene, improving efficiency, and meeting customer’s needs across various industries.

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