Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Automatic Hard Roll Towel Dispenser (54254), Faceplate sold separately, 16.53" x 12.41" x 10.19" (Qty 1)

  • Product Code#54254
Color Grey
Brand Kimberly-Clark Professional™

The Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ automatic paper towel dispensing system is our newest industry-leading innovation, changing the face of the restroom forever. Featuring first-of-a-kind versatility, the ICON™ paper towel dispenser effortlessly enhances the look of the restroom with an exclusive line of designer faceplates to help reimagine the restroom. Kimberly-Clark Professional™ can also create custom faceplates with your own logo or design - however this option is not sold through retail partners. Inspired by human-centered design, the ICON™ dispenser features an intuitive control panel, front-load battery bay and a dampened hinge feature. Using direct-drive technology the ICON™ dispenser features patented dual sensors that deliver worry-free, touchless 99.99% jam-free dispensing and is compatible with your choice of Kleenex® or Scott® roll towels. Engineered to help minimize the risk of spreading germs from every touchpoint. All backed by our lifetime warranty. This is ONLY the Dispenser Chassis. The ICON™ FACEPLATE are sold separately and must be purchased for the dispenser to operate. The paper towels that fit this ICON™ dispenser are Scott® and Kleenex® Hard Roll Towel SKUS: 43959; 53925; 25702; 25637; 54471.

  • 1 Dispenser Module/Case; Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ Automatic Hard Roll Towel Dispenser Module; Faceplate sold seperately; 16.53" x 12.41" x 10.19"
  • Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ dispenser system offers six designer finishes that elevate your restroom aesthetics to the same high standard as the rest of your facility.
  • Easy servicing with a choice of keyed or push button lock; maintenance is simplified through a color-coded system with intuitive touch points.
  • Patented, direct-drive technology delivers 99.99% jam-free dispensing and nearly silent operation, which is 85% quieter than the leading competition.
  • Human centric design ensures ease of use with intuitive control panel iconography and clear visual prompts to reduce unnecessary interactions.

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Brand Kimberly-Clark Professional™
Unit Size 16.53” x 12.41” x 10.19”
Color Grey
UPC 036000542547
GTIN 10036000542544
Material Number 105425401


Each Weight 14.478
Each Dimensions 16.375 x 13.500 x 20.125
Unit Size 16.53” x 12.41” x 10.19”

Kimberly-Clark Professional™

Backed by over 100 years of workplace innovation, Kimberly-Clark Professional™ brand products are synonymous with maximizing hygiene, improving efficiency, and meeting customer’s needs across various industries.

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