Scott® Scottfold™ Folded Towel Dispenser

  • Product Code#09215
Color Black
Brand Scott®

When efficiency and smart use of space is important, Scott's Scottfold Compact Paper Towel Dispenser is a great choice. Its compact size fits in tight spaces, and it's specially designed to work with Scottfold Paper Towels – a favorite towel, known for their “one-at-a-time, everytime dispensing" guarantee. The compatible Kleenex® Brand and Scott®Brand Scottfold towels can virtually eliminate tearing during dispensing and, as a result, waste. This small dispenser meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design when properly installed, and the durable black plastic body resists damage. It has both locking key and push button features, so refilling it is easy. Whether you need an efficient paper towel dispenser for retail, commercial or business environments, the Scottfold Compact Towel Dispenser is a terrific choice.

  • 1 Dispenser/Case; Scott® Scottfold™ Folded Towel Dispenser; Black; 10.75" x 9.0" x 4.75"
  • This small dispenser is specially designed to work with Scottfold towels (available in Kleenex® Brand and Scott®Brand); These towels are guaranteed to dispense one-at-a-time, every time, reducing waste
  • The dispenser meets ADA Standards for Accessible Design when properly installed, and the body is made of durable plastic
  • The translucent black casing makes it easy to see when you need to refill and the dispenser has a push button and locking key, so refilling is simple
  • It's ideal for hospitality, retail and commercial environments where space is at a premium

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Brand Scott®
Unit Size 10.75" x 9.0" x 4.75"
Color Black
GTIN 10036000092155
Material Number 100921502


Units Per Case 1
Unit Size 10.75" x 9.0" x 4.75"

Shipping Data

Units Per Case 1


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