Last Updated JUNE 2022

Kimtech's® Advanced Cleanroom Apparel Keeps Contamination Under Control

When it comes to reducing contamination in the cleanroom you need apparel that can stand up to the challenge. Kimtech’s® sterile single-use cleanroom apparel offers seamless protection when and where it counts every time, guaranteed.


Have you experienced a contamination event? Could you? What stands between you and the risk of contamination?

Only Kimtech apparel has advanced Clean-Don technology, reducing the risk of contamination during donning. Integrated hood and mask, combines two donning steps into one. Visible blue line indicates where to touch. Snap technology reduces the chance of arms and legs touching the floor. Thumb loops prevent garment from rolling back and exposing wrist area. Reusable gowns tested showed a 25% decline in bacterial filtration efficiency after laundering.

Kimtech sterile apparel is sterile every time, guaranteed. Fabric degradation is visible at the submicron level and is enough to allow bacteria to penetrate through the material. The more times a reusable garment is processed, the bigger the decline in bacterial filtration efficiency.

Kimtech apparel two-way non-woven technology not only protects the process, but also protects workers. Kimtech is more reliable than reusable apparel to consistently reduce contamination risk.

Are you doing all you can to protect your processes and workers? Find out how Kimtech can help.