WypAll® Reach PLUS Single Sheet Centrefeed Dispenser

Introducing the next level of dispensing system to help you save up to 50% paper consumption and reduce environmental impact¹

Suitable for many segments

Thanks to its unique design versatility, the WypAll® Reach PLUS dispenser is suitable for:

Heavy traffic manufacturing sites

Retail environments

Food Preparation areas and Food Service counters

Healthcare general cleaning task

Have a look at the unique benefits

Up to 50% reduction of paper consumption*

due to optimized single sheet dispensing

Sustainability driven design

by reducing CO2 emissions*

Fully enclosed rolls

combined with hygienic no-touch dispensing


Our most Versatile Dispenser

Multiple mounting methods, making WypAll® Reach PLUS dispenser an extremely flexible addition to your working environment

The right consumable for your needs

One size doesn’t fit all, choose the right paper wiping product for the right task.