From provider to partner – Kimberly-Clark Professional’s magical journey with Disneyland® Paris

Partnerships play a crucial role in fostering success and growth for businesses. These collaborations thrive on a simple yet powerful idea: they’re not just about sales but rather a reflection of shared values and common goals.

The relationship between Kimberly-Clark Professional and Disneyland® Paris - Europe’s number one tourist destination - is a compelling example of the power of these partnerships. 

Kimberly-Clark Professional has been supplying Disneyland® Paris with hygiene products for several years. Since we were named ‘Official Hygiene Solutions Supplier’ in May 2022, what began as a traditional supplier-client relationship has evolved into a true partnership focused on sustainable practices and enhancing guest experiences. 

What does that mean? All guests and employees  will find our high-quality hygiene products in the resort’s washrooms, offices, restaurants, and kitchens. 

“Kimberly-Clark Professional™ products are now  visible to our guests  and Cast Members and perceived as the go-to high-quality brand that offers them tailored, environmentally friendly hygiene solutions,” said Karine Rougale, Corporate Alliances & Partnerships Director at Disneyland® Paris. 

In fact, more than 5,000 controlled dispensing systems of Kimberly-Clark Professional™ hand towels, toilet paper, and wipes have been strategically installed throughout the park, ensuring optimal comfort and hygiene for guests and employees. 

These systems are designed for controlled use, ensuring one sheet is dispensed at a time. It means guests only touch the sheets they use . This commitment to controlled dispensing promotes the highest levels of hygiene, a critical factor in bustling high-traffic areas and public attractions.

Health and environmental consciousness are at the heart of our partnership. Our proven ability to help our partners reduce their environmental footprint has been key to becoming the official hygiene solutions supplier of Disneyland® Paris. 

From foam soap that better preserves water compared to liquid soap to a wider range of hygiene and wiping products selected for their positive ecological impact, the essence of our partnership is based on a more sustainable world.