WypAll® Surface Disinfecting Wipes 7787 - Pre-Saturated Antibacterial Wipes - 10 Canisters x 200 Disinfectant Wipes (2000 Total)

  • mainline Product Code#7787
Colour White

No matter which surfaces they come into contact with throughout their day, give your employees and visitors greater peace of mind by providing proven hygiene and disinfecting workplace solutions, to help break the chain of germ transmission. With a range of high performing and trusted wiping solutions for surface disinfection, WypAll® wipes offer the highest level of trust and confidence so that staff, customers and visitors feel assured every day. These WypAll® surface disinfectant wipes kill 99.999% of common bacteria and 99.99% of viruses* (including Coronaviruses*), fungi and yeast. The disinfection time of each antiviral wipe is less than 2 minutes, ideal for environments where critical disinfection and hygiene standards are required. WypAll® disinfectant wipes are high strength and very low linting, reducing the risk of contamination. The SMS base sheet of each of the 200 antibacterial wipes within each canister offer efficient disinfectant release as solution is transferred directly to the surface rather than trapping it within fibres. These sanitising wipes come as hand sized, single sheets to minimise waste, for better environmental impact and the canister and lid are fully recyclable. The convenient portable, re-closable canister means the antiviral wipes are easy to dispense and are airtight to avoid contamination. WypAll® 70% ethanol, pre-saturated disinfectant wipes are designed for general purpose sanitising and disinfecting of surfaces in a range of environments including offices, retail and education. Ideal for the food service industry and any hygiene-sensitive environment, these antibacterial wipes are safe for wiping food preparation surfaces without leaving any residue on surfaces. Product type PT2 and PT4. Each individual sheet size measures 19.5cm (L) x 19.5cm (W). * Shows Virucidal Efficacy (Limited) through conformance to EN14476 2013 + A1 2015, applicable to Coronaviruses. Not tested against SARS-CoV-2.

  • Each canister of WypAll® surface disinfectant wipes contains 200 pre-saturated, alcohol based sanitising wipes ideal for use in any business environment to help reduce the risk of germs spreading and promote a healthy and hygienic workplace
  • Fast-acting and broad spectrum efficacy: Each antiviral wipe kills 99.99% of viruses* and it is also antibacterial as it kills 99.999% of bacteria in less than 2 minutes. *Shows Virucidal Efficacy (Limited) through conformance to EN14476 2013 + A1 2015, applicable to Coronaviruses. Not tested against SARS-CoV-2
  • Efficient disinfectant release: The disinfectant wipes' SMS base sheet transfers solution to the surface rather than trapping within fibres
  • Portable and convenient solution: Single, hand sized antibacterial wipes offer zero waste, for a better environmental impact
  • High strength and very low linting disinfectant wipes: Reduces risk of contamination


SKU 7787
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Size 200
Textured Yes


Piece Type Bucket
Pieces Per Case 10
Sheet Length/Height(cm) 19.50
Sheet Width AS Width/Diameter(cm) 19.50

Shipping Data

GTIN 05027375053115
Case Dimensions 23.800 x 22.500 x 56.200
Case Weight 7.450


From wiping up grime, oil and grease to soaking up food prep spills, having the right wipe on hand is crucial to your operation. You can count on WypAll for a variety of task-specific wipes and cloths that offer a clean, durable and absorbent alternative to paper towels, rags and shop towels.