WypAll® X50 Colour Coded Cleaning Cloths 7442 - Green Wiping Cloths - 6 Packs x 50 Interfolded Colour Coded Cloths (300 total)

  • x50 Product Code#7442
Colour Green
Ply 1

No matter which surfaces they come into contact with throughout their day, give your employees and visitors greater peace of mind by providing proven cleaning and disinfecting workplace hygiene solutions. WypAll® cloths have been designed to enhance regulatory hygiene practices and compliance, helping to break the chain of germ transmission. The WypAll® X50 range are extended use cleaning cloths. These green non-woven wipes are specially designed for light and medium duty wiping tasks and particularly suited to food preparation and processing environments. The colour coded cleaning cloths are available in four colours (blue, red, green and yellow) designed to help facilitate task segregation where it is a key requirement. Colour coded cleaning helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination as the colour of the wiping cloths determines the cleaning task it is used for. Advanced Hydroknit™ Technology is used in these non-woven wipes, ensuring these green cleaning cloths are lightweight yet absorbent. This added absorbency helps to reduce residue, allowing for a faster, more efficient clean. These colour coded cleaning cloths are food contact certified and have been tested as compatible for use in a spray and wipe application with peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and quats (quaternary ammonium compounds). For fully saturated applications these cleaning wipers have been tested as compatible with soap/detergent, bleach (sodium hypochlorite), hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, methyl ethyl ketone, isopropanol and acetone. Always follow manufacturers instructions for dilution, application and contact time. Because bleach tends to destabilise, compatibility testing period was limited to 24 hours to reflect the usage instructions recommend by the bleach manufacturer.These wiping cloths are available in a hygienic poly pack helping provide protection from contaminants. Single sheet dispensing helps to prevent grime/dirt touching the cleaning wipes while also controlling usage. Individual sheet size 41.8cm (L) x 24.7cm (W). The accompanying blue product code is 7441, the yellow product code is 7443 and the red product code is 7444.

  • Each pack contains 50 green cleaning cloths. These 1 ply, durable wiping cloths are designed to support colour coded cleaning
  • Food contact certified, these colour coded cleaning cloths are available in 4 different colours to help avoid cross-contamination
  • Advanced Hydroknit™ Technology ensures each colour coded cloth is strong and fast absorbing
  • WypAll® X50 cleaning cloths are designed to enhance regulatory workplace hygiene practices and compliance
  • These wiping cloths are available in a hygienic poly pack helping provide protection from contaminants


SKU 7442
Country of Origin Colombia
Ply 1


Piece Type Polybag
Pieces Per Case 6
Sheet Length/Height(cm) 41.80
Sheet Width AS Width/Diameter(cm) 24.70

Shipping Data

GTIN 05027375020896
Case Dimensions 21.000 x 23.000 x 28.000
Case Weight 2.010


From wiping up grime, oil and grease to soaking up food prep spills, having the right wipe on hand is crucial to your operation. You can count on WypAll for a variety of task-specific wipes and cloths that offer a clean, durable and absorbent alternative to paper towels, rags and shop towels.