Hostess™ NATURA™ Folded Green Hand Towels 6834 - Interfold Disposable Paper Towels - 12 Packs x 159 Paper Hand Towels (1,908 Total)

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Provide a practical and consistent washroom experience with Hostess™ washroom solutions, designed for cost efficient quality in the workplace.Hostess™ NATURA™ folded green hand towels are manufactured with 100% recycled fibre and the packaging is 100% plastic free. These green, 1 ply, recycled hand towels are FSC and European Ecolabel certified for environmental assurance. Interfold paper towels, or W fold paper towels as they are also known, are designed to dispense one disposable hand towel at a time. This single sheet dispensing method is designed to improve hand hygiene by minimising the risk of contamination when hand drying as the user only touches the paper hand towel they are using. Dispensing one green hand towel at a time is also designed to improve cost in use as the user only takes the hand towels they need when drying hands.Compatible with the Aquarius™ folded paper towels dispensers in white (product codes 6954 and 6945). These paper hand towel dispensers have a sleek and smooth rounded design with no dirt traps, allowing an easy one-wipe-clean for further improved washroom hygiene. Each recycled hand towel measures 37.2cm (L) x 21.6cm (W).

  • Each clip of disposable hand towels contains 159 interfold, 1 ply, green paper towels
  • Hostess™ NATURA™ folded hand towels offer a practical, consistent and economical solution for your washroom
  • W fold green hand towels manufactured with 100% recycled fibre
  • We do not use any plastic to pack these disposable hand towels
  • The interfolded design of the paper hand towels ensures single sheet dispensing to reduce wastage and promote good washroom hygiene


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