Kleenex® Botanics™ Fresh Luxury Foam Hand Wash 6386 - Scented Foaming Hand Cleanser - 6 x 1 Litre Green Hand Wash Refills (6 Litre total)

  • Botanics™ Product Code#6386
Colour Green

Uplift your washroom experience with the trusted and familiar Kleenex® brand, designed to deliver an unrivalled experience whilst supporting high hygiene standards in the workplace. The quality and care you expect from the Kleenex® brand, now in a harmonised range of luxury foam hand cleansers, offering a pleasant and distinctive fragrance whilst not compromising on hygienic hand washing. The Kleenex® Botanics™ hand foam range is our most luxurious hand soap ever, enriched with aloe vera and cucumber extracts, designed to leave users feeling refreshed and regenerated after hand cleansing. These Kleenex® soap refills are hypoallergenic tested, with a gentle formulation designed for frequent hand cleansing and safe for sensitive skin, to help promote hand hygiene compliance in the workplace. This Kleenex® hand wash is enriched with moisturisers and hydrating ingredients to leave your hands feeling moisturised. The commercial hand wash refills have a unique dual mesh pump system that delivers a luxurious foam shot every time. The hand soap provides up to twice as many hand washes per litre as conventional liquid hand soaps with each foam soap refill cartridge containing 2,500 shots. The rejuvenating and refreshing Kleenex® Botanics™ fresh luxury foam hand soap perfectly compliments and harmonises with the Kleenex® Botanics™ fresh aircare refill. These handwash refills are compatible with a variety of dispensers to suit every washroom: Aquarius™ hand soap dispensers in white (code 6948), black (code 7173) and stainless steel (code 8973). The Kimberly-Clark foam soap refills are designed for quick and easy installation with a simple push and click and the hand soap cassette can be changed in under 6 seconds. When the foam hand wash refill cassette is empty, it can be compressed to conserve space and is fully recyclable once the pump is removed. This hygienic soap carries the European Ecolabel; your guarantee that it is manufactured responsibly at every step of the process. Kleenex® Botanics™ foam soaps are also available in energy and joy fragrances (product codes 6385 and 6387).

  • Each foaming hand soap refill contains one litre of luxury foam hand soap
  • This foam hand wash is enriched with a refreshing blend of aloe vera and cucumber extracts to provide users with a revitalising, effective and enjoyable hand washing experience
  • Hypoallergenic tested, this hand cleanser is specially formulated for frequent use, safe for sensitive skin and leaves your hands feeling moisturised
  • Kleenex® Botanics™ fresh luxury foam handwash carries the European Ecolabel; your guarantee that it is manufactured responsibly at every step of the process
  • Compatible with Aquarius™ hand cleanser dispensers (product codes 6948 and 7173) and Kimberly-Clark Professional™ hand cleanser dispenser (product code 8973)


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