Kleenex® Ultra™ Hand Cleanser 6330, amber, 6 x 1 Ltr (6 Ltr total)

  • ultra™ Product Code#6330
Colour Amber
Fragrance Floral

The quality and care you expect from the Kleenex® Brand. Kleenex® Ultra™ Hand Cleanser is designed for a superior cleansing experience, enriched with aloe vera and hydrating ingredients the amber, richly lathering liquid hand soap has a clean, floral scent. Compatible with a variety of dispensers to suit every washroom: Aquarius™ white (code 6948), black (code 7173) and stainless steel (code 8973). Refilling is easy, cassettes are installed with a with a simple push and click. Once empty the cassette can be compressed and, apart from the pump, be recycled. Each cassette contains up to 1,000 shots of liquid. Each case contains 6 x 1 litre cassettes.

  • 6 x Hand Cleanser cassettes, amber, 1 Ltr (6 Ltr total).
  • Amber, richly lathering liquid hand soap with a clean, floral scent, containing aloe vera.
  • Dispenses up to 1,000 controlled shots of gel.
  • When the cassette is empty, it can be compressed to conserve space and is fully recyclable once the pump is removed.
  • Compatible with a variety of dispensers to suit every washroom: Aquarius™ white (code 6948) and black (code 7173) and in stain steel (code 8973).


SKU 6330
Country of Origin Spain
Size 1 Litre
Fragrance Floral


Piece Type Cartridge
Pieces Per Case 6

Shipping Data

GTIN 05027375018787
Case Dimensions 20.700 x 18.600 x 27.600
Case Weight 6.740


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