Kimtech™ M3 Certified Sterile Pouch style Face Mask 62483 - Universal, 200 sterile face masks

  • m3 Product Code#62483

Kimtech™ M3 Certified Sterile Pouch style Face Masks offer advanced levels of comfort and safety in the cleanroom, providing seamless protection when and where it counts. Suitable for use in EU GMP ISO 5 class A environments, the ‘duck bill’ style face masks are made from a protective bicomponent inner fabric and are suitable for sterile applications. Our certified M3 pouch-style face masks are specially designed to reduce the risk of contamination while offering greater comfort and easier breathing ability, and are validated to sterility assurance level 10^-6 making them suitable for sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing. They include a flexible, one-size-fits-all headband and a secure gap guard to ensure the wearer can focus on work instead of their protective equipment. A consistent seal reduces fogging and maintains clear vision, and the masks are also free of latex and silicone, limiting the potential of skin irritation, while providing high levels of particle and bacterial filtration. In addition, our M3 face masks are manufactured in an FDA-compliant facility to ensure safety and regulatory compliance and are provided with all relevant supporting technical information.

  • Excellent bacterial and particle filtration to avoid contamination
  • Suitable for use in EU GMP ISO 5 Class A sterile cleanrooms environments and laboratories, and provided with supporting technical information to demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Available as white, sterile ‘duck bill’ pouch style face masks featuring secure and comfortable headbands and gap guard for protective neck coverage
  • Constructed from a protective bicomponent inner fabric with a consistent seal to reduce fogging and maintain clear vision
  • Contain no natural rubber latex or silicone, reducing the risks of skin irritation for the wearer


SKU 62483
Material Nonwoven
Country of Origin Thailand
Sterile Environment Yes


Piece Type Polybag
Pieces Per Case 10
Units Per Case 200
Unit Type Mask
Piece Width/Diameter(cm) 25.60
Piece Weight (g) 190.00
Unit Height (cm) 0.20
Unit Width/Diameter(cm) 10.50
Unit Weight (g) 9.00

Shipping Data

GTIN 10036000624837
Case Dimensions 21.200 x 25.400 x 30.000
Case Weight 2.900


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