Last Updated JULY 2023

WypAll® Wipes—Always Up to the Task

Nothing compares to WypAll® wipes when it comes to tough cleaning jobs. The following videos show how WypAll wipes out-clean and out-perform rags and shop towels in strength, water absorption, oil absorption and contamination reduction.


For tough scrubbing and cleaning jobs, you need a product that's up to the task. I'm gonna show you just how tough WypAll Wipes are by engaging in a little tug of war. Let's have Carlos come in and help us with this demonstration. Carlos, thank you. I want you to grab a hold of that wet rag. I'm gonna grab the wet WypAll X60 Wipes and I want you to pull as hard as you can. You'll notice the WypAll Wipes not tearing. WypAll Wipes are perfect for tackling the biggest of jobs. Not only does the X60 absorb two time faster and two times more, but also leaves three times less lint compared to rags.