WypAll® WetTask

Customizable Wet Wiping System

The #1 DIY Wet Wipes System in North America

Experience the enhanced hygiene of surface wipes at an affordable price.

Works when
 others fail

Maintains active strength over 24 hours when microfiber, cloth and cellulose wipes in open bucket do not1

Reduces chemical exposure

No open bucket spills or fumes; No spray mist  

Avoids under-spray/

Apply an even coating of the right dose and go; avoid premature dry wiping due to drenched surfaces

Capture sizable

Chemical reduction from closed bucket wipes; wipes savings with refills; no laundering

The only system with three substrate options

WetTask™ is the only customizable surface wipes system in North America with three substrate options to ensure you have the optimal base sheet for your chemical and cleaning needs.3

WetTaskTM System
Base Sheet Performance
Active Solvent Material
Quats Bleach H202 Peracetic
Methyl Ethyl
Isopropanol Acetone Cloth Like Tear Resistant Lint Free

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Highly Recommended
Not recommended

An assortment that fits every need

WetTask™ has the broadest set of customizable wet wipes system SKUs to match your staff's usage, storage and handling needs.4

Wipe away your worries

Learn how WetTask™ can help you create a cleaner, more hygienic workplace.

Make a fresh start on your cleanliness journey

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Based on 2021 U.S. and Canada market data of WypAll® WetTask™ versus other closed bucket systems with wipes rolls designed for full saturation in chemical solution.

1 Based on time-bound study of substrate-expressed antimicrobial solutions using test strips to determine Quat and Bleach PPM (parts per million) concentrations with WetTask 06411 versus microfiber, cloth rags or cellulose-based wipes in open bucket.

2 Only WetTask CriticalCleanWipes (the base sheet for 06411, 06471 and 77320) are eligible for recycling through the RightCycle by Kimberly-Clark Professional® program as of August 2023

3 Based on July 2023 KCP audit of well-known Wet Wipes brands in North America using publicly available information gathered from online search engines and manufacturer websites.