Real-time alerts and predictive analytics inform you of restroom conditions and opportunities, allowing for proactive cleaning and efficient labor optimization.


Integrates within your business and servicing operations by securely connecting to existing smart devices and systems, providing adaptable cleaning protocols that boost team productivity.

Easy to use

Simple, intuitive Dashboard and App keep you informed and in control of restroom performance.​

What Customers are Saying

John Mongello Vice President of Building Services The Durst Organization, at One World Trade Center
John Sutherland Vice President Paramount Building Solutions
Michael Hasko, General Manager, Adelaide Place, Toronto

Today's Restroom Experience

Traditional commercial restroom management can bring unwanted attention to your operational pain points, unintentionally signaling a lack of control over restroom cleanliness.

Scheduled servicing

Dispensers need to be checked multiple times per day whether they need servicing or not.

A source of disruption

Frequent, ad hoc complaints and hidden operational costs constantly disrupt facility management.

Limited data

Unable to predict inventory stock levels. Everything is an emergency.

The Onvation Restroom

Adding intelligence to cleaning operations improves confidence in making decisions. Immediately deploy cleaners when and where they are needed to ensure restrooms meet enhanced cleanliness expectations.

Real-time notifications

Reduce waste and eliminate run-outs by replenishing products at the right time.

Proactive maintenance

Resolve potential issues before they turn into complaints.

Smart data + analytics

Take a proactive approach to restroom servicing and staff deployment.

How does Onvation Work?

1. Collect

Smart dispensers, sensors and fixtures collect real-time usage data and device status.

2. Connect

The local gateway securely connects and sends collected data to the Onvation cloud.

3. Analyze

Onvation receives, aggregates, and analyzes the data to deliver actionable insights.

4. Improve

Real-time notifications and advanced analytics predict and proactively improve operational efficiency.

Onvation App: Easy to Use for You and Your Staff

Maximize janitor productivity using our intuitive mobile app to prioritize and complete their tasks. Team leaders can quickly assign shifts and locations to each cleaner.

Onvation Dashboard: Holistic Approach to Restroom Management

The dashboard displays all performance metrics so that team leaders stay informed and in control of restroom operations.

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