Ready to throw in the shop towel?

Rags seem affordable at first—but the hidden costs can pile up.
We’ve debunked a few common myths pertaining to rags and reusables.

Uncover the Myths

Rags vs. wipes infographic

Find out in a glance how making the change to disposable wipes could transform everyday processes around your facility.

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Put wipes to the test

Try our disposable wipes at your facility and see what makes WypAll® the #1 disposable wipe in North America.1

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Discover a more effective cleaning solution

With disposable wipes, you can enjoy more consistent performance. Unlike rags, WypAll® products are engineered for virtually any task to help you tackle your toughest messes. See them in action in the videos below.

WypAll® PowerClean Extra Absorbent Towels | L40

Quickly absorb liquid, lubricants, and oils.

  • Absorbent enough for all kinds of spills — large or small
  • A versatile soft towel, as effective on grease as it is for use on face and hands2
  • Made of bonded cellulose using DRC (double re-creped) technology for strength

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WypAll® GeneralClean Multi-Task Cleaning Cloths | X60

Raise the standard for general purpose cleaning.

  • 70% of users choose WypAll® X60 over rags to remove sticky residue/substances
  • Hydroknit® technology provides superior absorbency
  • Reinforced for extra scrubbing power

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WypAll® PowerClean Heavy Duty Cloths | X80

Tackle the toughest tasks with a low-lint wipe.

  • Absorbs more water and oil than textile shop rags
  • One jumbo roll can replace up to 75 lbs. of rags
  • Produces 3x less lint vs. rental shop towels

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WypAll® PowerClean ProScrub

Clean hands on the go with these pre-saturated wipes.

  • Textured wipes cut through grease and grime
  • Spill-proof container can be taken anywhere
  • Refills available to help reduce cost in use

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Find the right wipe for the task in seconds

Answer a few easy questions and our wipe finder tool will identify the perfect product for your work environment.

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1 In the U.S. and Canada, based on market share
2 Not for use on compromised skin or open wounds