Last Updated MAY 2022

Not All Coveralls Are Cut from the Same Cloth

Think your coverall is tough? Watch this video to see how we test our KleenGuard® A45 coverall with reflex design to make sure they’re durable, and flexible enough to protect workers.


Meet Joe. He works a tough job. Joe is one of the 13 million workers in North America whose job may expose them to chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin. Joe needs full body protection to keep him safe. Are your coveralls tough enough for Joe? White suits can be restrictive, some workers modify them for comfort which compromises their safety. Kimberly Clark Professional's Kleenguard A45 Coverall with reflex design has more chest room and longer body length than ANSI minimum size requirements. This means that Kleenguard's Coverall is 7.5 times less likely to rip, saving you time and money. The coverall also protects against liquids and particles, so Joe doesn't have to worry about what's thrown his way. The garment also protects whatever Joe is wearing underneath. The durability of a Kleenguard A45 Coverall with reflex design pays off. Literally, the suit can save companies up to 20% on their coverall personal protective equipment spend. We've proven our Kleenguard Coveralls are tough enough. What about yours?