Scott® Printed Slimroll™ Paper Towels (86223), 6 Rolls / Case, 176m / Roll (1,056m)

  • slimroll™ Product Code#86623
Colour White
Unit Size 176m x 20.3cm
Product available in Singapore

Elevate your washroom experience with trusted and familiar Scott® Printed Slimroll™ Paper Towels, designed to support workplace’s hygiene standards. Scott® Slimroll™ Printed Paper Towels are designed with smaller washrooms in mind. Our Airflex® highly absorbent fabric absorb more water from hands. The Scott® Roll towel is proudly stamp embossed with the Scott® brand for customer assurance to encourage washroom hygiene and comes with HACCP International certification. These rolled towels are long and offer more hand drying before running out for improved cost efficiency, helping you get more for your spend and reduce maintenance time. They feature a compression technology that improves sustainability through reduced storage and transportation. Our Scott® Roll towels are also FSC® certified for environmental assurance. Each roll is individually wrapped for enhanced hygiene. These paper towels for dispensers are compatible with the one-wipe-clean Aquarius® rolled hand towel Dispenser in white (code 7955). 6 x 176m white, 1-ply rolls (1,056m total)

  • One case contains 6 rolls of printed hard roll towels, each roll is 176m
  • Scott® printed roll towels are designed for reliable hand hygiene in busy washroom environments that demand consistency
  • The Airflex® highly absorbent fabric absorb more water from hands
  • FSC® certified
  • Compatible with the one-wipe-clean Aquarius® Slimroll™ rolled hand towel Dispenser in white (code 7955)


SKU 86623
Colour White
Unit Size 176m x 20.3cm
Textured Yes
Fragrance Unscented
Material Number 10028823


Units Per Case 6
Units Per Case UOM Roll(s) / Case

Shipping Data

GTIN 16923589498635
Case Weight 6.006
Each Weight 1.0010000000002
Pallet Weight 342.639


Very few locations within a facility impact satisfaction as much as the washroom. A negative experience can have a truly damaging effect on your reputation. Scott®, one of the world’s most recognised washroom brands, offers solutions designed to help you increase productivity, enhance your image, and improve employee and guest satisfaction.