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Managing the conditions of your washroom facilities can be a balancing act. You need
to drive confidence in your users, without driving up your inventory usage and upkeep.
Without the right essentials, your facility can be prone to the following issues.

Inefficient handling

When hygiene essentials are not space-efficient
and intuitive by design.

Lack of hygiene

When the risk of cross-contamination
goes unchecked.


When suboptimal dispensing causes visitors
to use more than they need.

Efficiency, Hygiene & Care, All Rolled into One

Rolled Paper Towel Systems help you attain greater levels of efficiency, hygiene, and care at your facility without compromising on your needs.


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Roll Past Your Washroom Facility Woes

With Kimberly-Clark Professional Rolled Paper Towel Systems, you don’t have to miss out anymore when it comes to maintaining a washroom environment that drives confidence. You can now elevate efficiency without forgoing increased hygiene, and have it all as you attend to your facility’s needs with care.

Our Solution

Enjoy a more superior experience in caring for your washroom facility's hygiene with the products in our Rolled Paper Towel System range.

At the end of the day, the washroom defines what you think of the places you visit.

But what impression would you get, if faced with these washroom sights?

Disposal bins filled to the brim, with
no sign of cleaning staff present.

Empty paper towel dispensers, loose
folded towels scattered nearby.

Folded paper towels kept haphazardly,
not in their proper storage.

“40% of washroom users believe that
the washroom reflects the hygiene
standards of the establishment”

Kimberly-Clark Professional Hygiene Behaviors Study 20226

Navigate the paradigm shift in hygiene expectations,
with a clearer path towards future hygiene

With increased hygiene awareness among washroom users, you'll not only need solutions that can match their needs,
but also the most recent insight into their preferences, and performance standards for different solutions. You can
learn more about all these considerations, right here.

Wipe away your washroom worries,
and let's collaborate to elevate your efficiency

Beyond the right solutions, you need the right partner to help you implement your vision of efficient facility management.
We are ready to help you on this journey. With our eye for the pain points you encounter in your line of responsibilities,
we can lend a hand in reducing your worries as you meet your goals and continue to provide the best for your users.
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1. For the following models only
- 7375 Aquarius Roll Towel Dispenser
- 7955 Aquarius Slimroll Towel Dispenser 
- 53691 ICON Automatic Hard Roll Towel Dispenser
2. Applicable on 86222, 86223, 86224, 86225 Scott Rolled Towels
3. For Scott Proprietary Branded Tardis Dispensers only
4. The Hygienic Efficacy of Different Hand-Drying Methods: A Review of the Evidence, Mayo Clinic Proceedings.12 studies published between 1970 and March 2011.
5. As compared to design of folded towels dispenser which allows users to remove more than one sheet at a time
6. This study was conducted in Australia & Thailand, End-users (n=807) & Choosers (n=305), 2022