Kleenex® Botanics Luxury Foam Skin Cleanser (52788), Clear, Fresh Scent, 1.2 L, 4 Bottles/Case

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Kleenex® Botanics Luxury Foam Skin Cleanser, with its pleasant, fresh fragrance, is our most luxurious soap formulation. Enriched with soothing cucumber and aloe vera, it is specially formulated for frequent hand washing. Kleenex® Botanics Foam Skin Cleanser is exclusively compatible with ICON™ electronic dispensing systems. Available in our efficient e-cassette format with a foam formulation that helps reduce the product waste associated with gel skincare products. Compatible with The Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON™ dispensing system with interchangeable faceplate technology - available for paper towels, skin care, and toilet paper dispensers found in the ICON collection.


SKU 52788
Material Number 10029906

Shipping Data

GTIN 10036000527886
Case Weight 4.32
Each Weight 1.08
Pallet Weight 566.160


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