SCOTT® Long Roll Towel (44199), Hand Towel Roll, 8 Rolls / Case, 140m / Rolls (1,120m Total)

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Elevate your workplace experience with trusted and familiar SCOTT® solutions, designed to support compliance and control.SCOTT® Long Roll Towel combines quality and value for a reliable and cost effective hand drying experience. The efficient SCOTT® Long Roll Towel is the longest in the range. Measuring 140m, the large paper towel roll helps to reduce the risk of run outs in busy workplaces. The versatile hand towel rolls are quick and easy to refill in their durable dispenser, minimising maintenance time. Ideal for use in high traffic areas such as food preparation areas, busy hotels and office washrooms, SCOTT® paper towel provides great value without compromising on quality.SCOTT® Long Roll Towel remains strong and does not break, even when wet. Every roll is manufactured with AIRFLEX® technology, ensuring high absorbency and a reliable hand drying performance with every use. Made using 70% recycled materials and FSC® certified, SCOTT® Long Roll Towels are also HACCP International certified for food safety reassurance, making them suitable not just for workplace washrooms but also lunchrooms and kitchens.Each case contains 8 Long Roll Towels and each roll contains 140m of white paper towel.SCOTT® Long Roll Towel is compatible with the KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL® roll hand towel dispenser in white (4941).SCOTT® Long Roll Towel by KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL®, form part of a wider range of washroom products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

  • One case of SCOTT® long roll paper towel contains 8 rolls; each roll contains 140m of white paper towel
  • SCOTT® paper towels are manufactured using AIRFLEX® technology offering high quality absorbency, reducing hand towel use and creating less waste
  • The high capacity large paper towel roll reduces maintenance time and risk of run-outs
  • This versatile paper towel roll serves a number of uses, offering quality and value for throughout the workplace
  • FSC® certified white paper towel roll made with 70% recycled fibre for an environmentally friendly workplace and HACCP certified for reassurance on surfaces in contact with food


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