Kleenex® Toilet Tissue (1308) 2-Ply, 100 Rolls / Case, 250 Sheets / Roll (25,000 Sheets)

  • Product Code#01308
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Uplift your washroom experience with the trusted and familiar Kleenex® brand, designed to deliver an unrivalled experience whilst supporting high workplace hygiene standards to help you stop the spread of germs in the workplace. Ideal for use in workplace toilets, Kleenex® Toilet Paper provides a feel and superior softness for the comfort of all users. This 2-ply toilet tissue delivers absorbency with each use. Each toilet roll is also individually wrapped for increased hygiene and to provide maximum care for the user. Kleenex® Toilet Paper fits all standard toilet paper dispensers and will help make a workplace, restaurant or guest room feel just like home. The high sheet count of each standard size toilet paper roll minimises maintenance time and cost plus you’ll appreciate the small case size for convenience, easy storage and handling. Kleenex® Toilet Tissue is also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Each toilet roll contains 250 toilet tissue sheets. Individual sheet size: 11cm x 10cm. Kleenex® Toilet Tissue (1308), by Kimberly-Clark Professional®, form part of a wider range of washroom products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace. 100 Rolls / Case, 250 Sheets / Roll (25,000 Sheets)

  • Each toilet roll of Kleenex® Toilet Paper contains 250 toilet tissue sheets
  • Each tissue roll is 2-ply for better absorbency, improved comfort and superior softness
  • Our toilet tissue rolls are flushable; clog and septic safe and quickly dissolve in water
  • FSC certified paper for added environmental assurance
  • Kleenex® Toilet Tissue Rolls are ideal for use as office tissue or across a range of workplace environments


Brand Kleenex®
GTIN 19999999064736
Material Number 10007104
Short Code 01308


You count on your team to keep your business moving forward. Show your support with positive touches throughout your office and washroom from Kleenex®—a brand people have counted on for over 90 years for the soft, soothing touch of home.