A positive washroom experience depends on the performance and efficiency of your dispenser. Our Aquarius®, Scott® and Kleenex® brand paper towel, toilet paper, soap and sanitiser dispensers have a reputation for performance, hygiene and efficiency.


Toilet Paper Seat Hygiene Dispensers 300x300-KCP Indo

Toilet Paper & Seat Hygiene Dispensers

Whether your washroom is in a high traffic, small space or critical environment, our portfolio of easy-to-refill dispensers helps you provide an extra layer of confidence.



Air Freshener Dispensers 300x300-KCP Indo

Air Freshener Dispensers

Easy-to-install refills make adding a refreshing scent throughout your restroom effortless.



Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper Towel Dispensers

Deliver style, innovation, hygiene and efficiency to your washroom and break room with Kimberly-Clark Professional® and Aquarius® brand dispensers. One-at-a-time dispensing is designed to reduce waste and help lower towel spend.


Soap & Sanitiser Dispensers

Soap & Sanitiser Dispensers

Take hand hygiene to the next level throughout your facility with our portfolio of manual and electronic Aquarius® and Kimberly-Clark Professional® brand dispensers.