Kleenex® Botanics Aircare Fragrance Joy Refill (6189), Clear, 6x300ml (1,800ml total)

  • Product Code#06189
Product available in India

The quality and care you expect from the Kleenex® Brand, now in a harmonised range of aircare fragrances for an uplifting washroom experience. Designed to elevate your washroom with a distinctive aircare fragrance with carefully selected notes of peach, citrus fruit and floral hints that effectively neutralise malodour. Our reformulated fragrances are manufactured using compressed oil technology, for consistent fragrance intensity with much lower residue. Compatible with Aquarius® Aircare Dispenser (code 69940). A specially designed valve delivery system ensures a finer spray dispersal, with each refill lasting up to 90 days of frequent use. This aerosol-free technology creates lower VOCs compared to standard aerosol systems. Also available in Energy and Fresh fragrances, designed for an uplifting and tailored washroom experience. 6 Refills

  • 6 x Joy Fragrance Aircare Refill pouches, 300ml (1,800ml total)
  • Revitalising & fragrant mix of ripe fruit and floral tones on a base of soft woods and vanilla to help eliminate unwanted smells
  • Reformulated with compressed oil technology for the same fragrance intensity with very low residue
  • Promotes hygiene, improves comfort and care and helps to manage costs through controlled dispensing
  • Ideal for use with the Aquarius™ Aircare Dispenser (product code 6994)


Brand Kleenex®
Material Number 10027054
Short Code 06189


You count on your team to keep your business moving forward. Show your support with positive touches throughout your office and washroom from Kleenex®—a brand people have counted on for over 90 years for the soft, soothing touch of home.