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Ultra-tough cleaning wipes designed to outshine traditional rags and towels. Easy to rinse and reuse up to 5 times – designed to reduce waste compared to single use wipes. Tough & Strong, they’re your partner-in-grime for demanding cleaning jobs.


Engineered for strength, designed to stand up to the toughest tasks without losing integrity.


Versatile and durable for many wiping tasks, with portable, convenient point-of-use options.


Made from HYDROKNIT® material for absorption and versatile performance. Easy to rinse and reuse up to 5 times.

Why WypAll® SHOP?

WypAll® SHOP X60 wipers are versatile, offering a balance between performance and value. They combine softness and absorbency, making them ideal for cleaning around the home, working in the garage, or prepping for a DIY project. WypAll® SHOP wipes are a must on your list of supplies.

Cleans up grease, liquid, oils and spills

Rinse and reuse up to 5 times to reduce waste

Absorbent wipes that feel and perform like a cloth

HYDROKNIT® technology

Our wipes are made with HYDROKNIT® Technology. A process known as hydro-entangling that bonds cellulose fibers into polypropylene nonwoven webs through the use of high-pressure water jets that strike the webs in an agitating motion, causing the fibers to become entangled. The cellulose provides absorbency. The non-woven provides strength.

HACCP International Certified

Our wipes are HACCP International certified as FZS (Food Zone Secondary) items are suitable for touching food contact surfaces but are not expected to touch food during normal conditions of use.

Use around the home


It’s surprising how often we’re wiping surfaces and cleaning up mess around the home, so a versatile wipe is gold!


When you’re using chemicals, working on greasy parts or grimy surfaces, you need a tough wipe.


If you’re a keen DIYer you know projects can get messy, so you need a reliable wipe to help with prepping and clean-up.

Tough enough for tradies


These tough, durable wipes help make staining, detailing, painting, prep and clean-up an easier task due to their versatility and strength.


Whether you work in a hightraffic garage or a small auto shop, these disposable wipes are a must for changing oil, refilling fluids and more.


These wipes are specifically designed to be absorbent. They are strong and durable, used wet or dry.

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