Guiding Philosophy

In designing the ICON™ dispenser we wanted to change the way people think about dispensers, making them an integral part of the washroom, while also elevating the entire user experience. 

We began the design process with a focus on Human-centric Design, which includes successful product experience principles that are universal.

Intentional & Purposeful

Every element of the design must be intentional and purposeful; it’s about not having unnecessary details or distractions.

Emotional Response

It must elicit a gratifying emotional response in every way, no matter how small it seems.

Relatable & Real

Authenticity is critical to create an interaction that feels relatable and real, resulting in a stronger connection.

In-field Research

Opportunities for Innovation 

Understanding the problems we wanted to solve involved designers and engineers immersing themselves in the product and user experience. These insights provided a springboard for the design development process.

Going Beyond the Ordinary

Creating an immersive product experience

The inspiration for the ideal product experience for ICON™ came from the automotive industry and their approach to subtle sensory experiences and interactions that create a total product perception for the end user.
In designing ICON™ dispensers, we included sensory cues such as the intentional audible snap when mounting the dispenser onto the installation bracket to the soft gratifying click of the servicer panel buttons.

Digging Deeper Than First Impressions

In developing ideas for a new dispenser experience, we used Design Thinking to consider:

  • Improved functionality & interaction
  • Dispenser shape & form–designed to fit our products while remaining ownable and elevated
  • User process and workflow improvements

From 2D to 3D: A 21st Century Design Collaboration

In bringing together design input and feedback from across the globe, early dispenser designs were visualised and experienced in 1:1 scale through virtual reality technology. 

The power of visualising the dispenser in a chooser’s own environment was at the heart of an augmented reality demo implementation. Choosers were offered a multitude of dispenser options to find the perfect fit for their space. This feedback was critical to guiding the product direction.

Human-centric Design Features

Sophisticated Changeouts

Dampened hinges make changeouts effortless, with smooth operation that only requires one hand. An intuitive, colour-coded system simplifies the process of routine refills.

Illuminated Servicing

LED lights indicate when a dispenser requires attention, taking the guesswork out of servicing and minimising touchpoints for an improved, more hygienic experience.

Simplified Installation

Nearly effortless installation with custom engineered brackets that make install a snap with a built-in level and clip-on mounting.

The Results

Not a “typical boring box on the wall.”

The final design, from a napkin sketch to a fully developed concept, is a comprehensive combination of all the research and voice-of-customer that has been verified and validated, ensuring our ICON dispenser portfolio is game-changing in the market.

Best in class

The ICON™ Collection

The award-winning ICON™ collection is the culmination of years of research, design, development and feedback.

Paper Towel

The ICON dispenser utilises direct drive technology and patented dual sensors for 99.9% jam-free dispensing with nearly noiseless operation for a truly user-centered experience.

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Elevated design brings together efficiency and performance with up to 60,000 dispenses per dispenser battery set.

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Toilet Paper

Take the washroom to the next level in hygiene. Dispensers are engineered to minimise waste and make servicing faster and more infrequent with uncompromising style.

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