KLEENEX® Centrepull Bathroom Tissue (25252), 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 12 Toilet Rolls / Case, 250m / Roll (3,000m)

  • Product Code#25252
Colour White
Fragrance Unscented
Ply 2
Unit Size 20cm x 10.5cm
Product available in Australia, New Zealand
  • FSC

Elevate your washroom experience with trusted and familiar KLEENEX® washroom solutions, designed to support washroom hygiene compliance control in the workplace. For increased hygiene in critical environments from one of the world's most trusted brands, choose KLEENEX® 2 ply toilet paper. A quality centrepull toilet tissue for where workplace hygiene and contamination control is a priority. Kleenex® centrepull toilet roll offers dispensing of single toilet paper sheets, meaning you only touch the sheets you use. This helps maximise washroom hygiene and the controlled single sheet dispensing system helps maximise efficiency and reducing waste. The high capacity centre feed toiler paper dispensing system can help reduce refill events Compatible with the hygienic, fully enclosed AQUARIUS® Twin Roll Centrepull Toilet Paper Dispenser 7186 which protects the roll, meaning you only touch the toilet tissues you use.

  • One case contains 12 toilet rolls, each roll contains 250m of 2 ply toilet paper
  • The centrepull toilet roll offers single sheet dispensing meaning you only touch the sheets you use, helping maximise washroom hygiene and efficiency
  • The centrepull design dispenses single toilet tissue sheets helps reduce usage and waste


SKU 25252
Colour White
Core Diameter 7.6
Unit Size 20cm x 10.5cm
Ply 2
Fragrance Unscented


Units Per Case 12

Shipping Data

GTIN 16923589492527
Case Weight 9.53
Pallet Weight 294.000


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