KIMCARE® INDUSTRIE™ Force Solvent Free Hand Cleanser (9535), Industrial Hand Cleaner, 1 Pack / Case, 2 Cartridges / Pack, 3.5L / Cartridge (7L)

  • Product Code#9535
Colour Pink
Volume 3500
Product available in Australia, New Zealand

KIMCARE™ INDUSTRIE™ Force solvent free hand cleanser is suitable for tough hand cleaning tasks, including the removal of heavy oil, grease, adhesive and most inks. KIMCARE™ INDUSTRIE™ Force solvent free hand cleanser contains natrual grit for scrubbing. The sealed cartridges protect the cleanser prior to use. The high capacity, single handed push black dispenser (4363) is easy to load. Each case contains 2 sealed cartridges each containing 3.5L of industrial hand cleanser.KIMCARE™ INDUSTRIE™ Force solvent free hand cleanser, by Kimberly-Clark Professional®, form part of a wider range of washroom products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

  • One case of KIMCARE INDUSTRIE™Force solvent free hand cleanser consists of 2 liquid hand soap cartridges, each cartridge containing 3.5L
  • Industrial hand cleaner suitable for the toughest of tasks, including removing heavy grease, oil and adhesives
  • Contains natural grit for scrubbing making it an ideal grease remover for hands
  • Individual sealed cartridges protect the liquid soap prior to use


SKU 9535
Colour Pink
Volume 3500


Units Per Case 2
Units Per Case UOM Pack(s) / Case

Shipping Data

Case Weight 7.02
Each Weight 3.51