Last Updated MAY 2024

Elevate Efficiency and Safety through Site Walks

In a recent interview with two Kimberly-Clark Professional Account Managers, we explored the benefits of Site Walks, an opportunity for any existing or potential customer to take up.

What is a Site Walk?

A Site Walk is an opportunity for you to take one of our trained Account Managers through your facility or site to run through your work processes and work areas. They will observe and ask questions to understand where your pain points are and provide potential solutions. They want to gain a better understanding of your business and potential ways you can gain efficiencies.

Importance of On-Site Observation

“Having a discussion over the phone is not the same as being on site. This opportunity adds so much more context regarding the customer’s potential problems. It helps us to see the layout of a facility - it makes a big difference to the way we propose solutions”.

Understanding the Customer's Processes

“Every customer has different processes - we don’t want to make assumptions. It’s better to understand the standard operating procedures for each customer because they can all be different. We need to understand them to come up with a tailored solution”.

The Benefits of Conducting a Site Walk

  • Improving Efficiency and Productivity
    It’s also the opportunity to utilise the KCP teams’ expertise. You may be tasked with ordering solutions and unsure how to go about it, or you need to ensure you have a solution that is fit for purpose, the Site Walk is an opportunity to ask questions and gain constructive feedback.
  • Enhancing Safety Considerations
    There are also efficiency and safety considerations, eliminating potential dangers and making the environment safer for the customer.
  • Tailoring Solutions to Address Pain Points

Outputs from a Site Walk: What Can You Expect?

Assessment Report and Proposal
During the walk, an assessment is completed that includes photos taken while on site. If the staff member on the walk is not the decision-maker, they can share the follow-up assessment report with other stakeholders.

Visual Context through Photos and Graphs
There is also the option of a ‘cost in use’ calculator. This provides a comparison of your existing system vs our new solution. For example, dispenser refill intervals; a high-capacity system means cleaners spend less time on individual tasks and can do more jobs around the facility in less time. The assessment report and proposal include graphs in response to your desired goals. They can be based on potential areas of saving, sustainability, wastage, water reduction opportunities, labour efficiencies, etc., and these graphs can be extracted for multiple uses.

Who Conducts a Site Walk?

Trained Account Managers with Cross-Industry Expertise
Our Account Managers have served many customers across industries, therefore lessons learned, and best practice can be shared. The walks are typically conducted in the presence of janitors, operations managers, and cleaners, so they can share their current experience working on the ground. The site walks may also be conducted with the distributor or channel partner.

“The aim is to keep our minds open. We know what to look for, we question why things are done a certain way to gain a deeper understanding and we use our knowledge and experience to offer help and advice”.

Enhancing Efficiency and Safety through Site Walks

In conclusion, Site Walks can provide an invaluable opportunity to improve processes, increase efficiency and enhance safety considerations. The tailored solutions developed through the site walk process can address unique pain points and offer cost saving opportunities. The KCP team's expertise and visual context provided through photos and graphs can offer valuable feedback and proposals. By working with trained Account Managers, businesses can enhance their compliance with hygiene industry standards and achieve better results.


Elevate Efficiency and Safety through Site Walks

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