The Perfect Blend of Style and Function

A bad washroom experience can have a negative impact on satisfaction and your bottom line. One of the most well-known washroom brands offers the right products for your facility. Whether focusing on hygiene or efficiency, each solution is designed to help you turn your washroom into an asset.

Scott® Control

Enhanced hygiene for regulated environments where contamination control is a high priority.
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Scott® Essential

Maintain productivity and minimise waste in high traffic environments with Scott Essential.
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Our Product Categories


Paper towels and dispensers

When designing our towel systems, we looked at what matters most to washroom users and the people that manage your facilities. Hygiene, efficiency and sustainability topped their list, and ours. 


Toilet Paper & Dispensers

Toilet paper run-outs are one of the biggest complaints for washroom users. Our high-capacity toilet paper can help you provide a more positive washroom experience.


Hand Soap & Dispensers

Encourage proper hand washing hygiene with a skin care line that’s long-lasting and formulated to kill germs on contact. Our enclosed dispensers also help minimise the risk of cross-contamination.


Hand Sanitiser & Dispensers

Germs happen. Proper hand washing and hand sanitising help to protect your employees and your workplace against common germs.


Air Care & Dispensers

What could be more inviting to washroom users than a fresh fragrance that greets them as soon as they walk through the door? Our air fresheners are designed to deliver an uplifting washroom experience.