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How Efficient Workplace Program helps?

Opportunities for improvement can often hide in plain sight. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective to see them.

Efficient Workplace Program, can help manufacturing facilities to identify and reduce waste & enhance efficiency. The program offers tailored solutions specific to your facilities needs and objectives. It is designed to help boost productivity, worker engagement and optimize costs.


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Apply efficient ways to manage consumables

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Target and reduce wasteful worker activity with fit-for-purpose products

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Discover hidden opportunities that can reduce waste and help increase productivity

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Guide workplace change with solutions specific to your facility

Amplify the Potential of Your Workplace with 4 simple steps

You’ve probably walked your factory a thousand times. The challenge is to take the same walk with a fresh pair of eyes.
Our team of experts while talking a walk at your site focuses on the whole life cycle of consumables on the site, from the products you purchase all the way through disposal.

Through four steps, Kimberly-Clark Professional will work by your side to identify, solve, implement change and sustain best practices

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Our experts can help you provide tailor-made solutions to match your needs.

Our Solutions: Helping you choose the right solution for the right task, every time.

Elevate your cleaning protocols:

Check our actionable insights on confident cleaning with wipes you can trust.


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