Kimberly-Clark Professional® Electronic Skin Care Dispenser, Touch-less Automatic Hand Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser (11329), Chrome, 1 Dispenser / Case

  • Product Code#11329

Elevate your washroom experience with trusted and familiar Scott® washroom solutions, designed to support workplace’s hygiene standards. Create a hygienic and stylish workplace experience with the sleek, chromed Kimberly-Clark Professional® Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser. This touchless soap dispenser eliminates the need for users to touch the product in order to dispense the soap or sanitiser. When the user puts their hand under the commercial soap dispenser, a controlled amount of product will automatically dispense into the users' hand. This method of measured dispensing helps to minimise waste by ensuring users only take the amount they need. Also suitable as a hand sanitiser dispenser, this touch-free soap dispenser can either be wall mounted or used as a freestanding sanitiser dispenser with the Kimberly-Clark Professional® Dispenser Stand 11430, ideal for supporting hygiene standards in a range of environments. This Kimberly-Clark Professional® soap dispenser holds 1.2 litre refill cartridges and is also available in white (code 92147). Dispenser size 29cm (L) x 18.3cm (W) x 10cm (D). 1 x Kimberly-Clark Professional® Electronic Skin Care Dispenser Dispenser - Chrome

  • 1 x chromed automatic hand soap dispenser, also suitable for use as a hand sanitiser dispenser
  • Dispenses selected Scott® liquid and foam hand soaps and hand sanitisers
  • Users do not need to touch the hands-free soap dispenser, helping to reduce cross-contamination
  • Touchless soap dispenser with a high quality stylish design in a chromed finish
  • Use as a wall-mounted soap dispenser or freestanding sanitiser dispenser with the Kimberly-Clark Professional® Dispenser Stand (11430)


Brand Kimberly-Clark Professional®
Color Chrome
Material Fibre (Paperboard)
UPC 10036000113294
GTIN 10036000113294
Material Number 10012802
Quantity Per Case 1


Each Weight 1.491
Each Dimensions 140.000 x 230.000 x 333.000

Shipping Data

Quantity Per Case 1