Our Scientific Solutions

Protective Clothing

Preventing cleanroom contamination starts with coveralls, hoods, boot covers and sleeve protectors that are lightweight, yet tough and abrasion-resistant. Extra touches like built-in thumb loops and Clean-Don Technology ties help provide even more protection.


Comfort, dexterity and quality are very important when choosing gloves. We offer a variety of thicknesses and lengths, including the Kimtech Purple Nitrile Exam Glove – the hand protection of choice for labs.

Face Masks

Skin flakes, oils and hair are major cleanroom contamination culprits. Featuring styles for a variety of work environments, our face masks are designed to help keep contaminants from getting in or out.

Specialty wipes

Seventy years ago, Kimberly-Clark Professional created the first delicate-task wipe for lab environments, and it’s still a top seller today. We have a variety of solutions ideal for labs and cleanrooms.