Professional Dispensers

Our Dispensers

Hard Roll Towel Dispensers

Deliver the hygiene and efficiency your washroom users want. One-at-a-time dispensing reduces waste and helps lower towel spend.

Folded Paper Towel Dispensers

Innovative, stylish, and designed to work in perfect harmony with our Kleenex® and Scott® folded hand towels.

Toilet Paper Dispensers

High traffic, small space or critical environment, we have a dispenser to fit your needs.


Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers

Toilet paper run-outs are one of the biggest complaints for washroom users. Our high-capacity dispensers feature long-lasting rolls of our premium toilet paper for maximum guest satisfaction.

Hand Soap Dispensers

Our easy-to-use and refill soap dispensers are designed to promote proper hand hygiene across your workplace.

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Germs happen. Protect your workplace and employees with hand sanitising systems designed to reduce cross contamination and the spread of germs.

Air Freshener Dispensers

A fresh fragrance helps you create a more inviting washroom experience. Easy-to-install refills make reloading just as refreshing.

Surface Cleaning Cloth Dispensers

From table-top to wall-mounts to floor stands, we offer a variety of dispensers designed to keep your cleaning wipes conveniently within reach.