Keep your processes intact and your people safe. Discover how Kimtech PPE Solutions can deliver exacting, worry-free performance, so you can continue doing work that changes the world.

Contamination is bad for business, especially for industries where purity is paramount. In challenging environments with no margin for error, your choice of PPE can mean the difference between success and catastrophic setbacks.

At Kimtech, we understand the risks and costs associated with contamination. That’s why we partner with you to deliver products designed for precision tasks, providing head-to-toe protection that helps minimize risk and maximize performance. Kimtech Brand solutions provide sterile and clean processed apparel, gloves, masks and wipes that help effectively and efficiently close the gaps in contamination, while ensuring comfort for your people.

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Provide comfort, dexterity, quality and the assurance to do your best work in the cleanroom, lab and more.

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Protects people and processes in both sterile and non-sterile environments. CLEAN-DON gowning technology makes donning easier and reduces the risk of contamination.

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Keep contaminants from getting in or out with superior filtration efficiency. 

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With an innovative legacy 60 years in the making, our task-engineered KimWipes® offer the high-precision cleaning you need.

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