Head-to-Toe Peace of Mind

Improving productivity doesn’t have to mean sacrificing safety. No one knows this better than Kimberly-Clark Professional. KleenGuard®, Kimtech® and WypAll® safety and personal protective clothing products are designed to enhance performance, while keeping your most valuable asset protected.

Our Safety & PPE Solutions


We understand the tasks your team performs, and how bodies work, sweat and stretch. Our expertise helped us design coveralls and other protective clothing that moves and breathes with you, which helps you maximise productivity and safety.


From food processing to manufacturing facilities, our thin mil gloves and structured gloves enhance your productivity for the task or process assigned, without neglecting your protection.

Eyewear & Eye Protection

The KleenGuard® brand offers safety eyewear for different environments and a variety of tasks. Style, comfort and lasting protection — get it all from our extensive portfolio of eye protection options.

Industrial Grade Wipes & Cleaning Cloths

Like you, we understand the importance of keeping your machinery and work area free of grease, oil and grime. Our WypAll® wiping solutions are a durable, waste reducing alternative to rags and rental shop towels.